Best New Dodge Features for 2019


Dodge vehicles are evolving in exciting ways for 2019. Its muscle cars will flex a little more and the Dodge Grand Caravan continues to attract families looking for a minivan that’s not short on high-tech features.

Dodge lovers will be happy to discover some cutting-edge safety and design features in the Dodge Journey for 2019. Dodge Journey is widely recognized as a vehicle that offers a groundbreaking combination of functionality and affordability for budget-minded families.

This crossover vehicle has a passenger capacity of up to seven people, courtesy of its three rows of seating. On top of this, it offers an all-wheel drive, a V-6 engine, and a super modern infotainment system.

And now thanks to the new Dodge 2019 features and trims, Dodge Journey is set to offer an even more delightful experience to the drivers as well as the passengers.

Dodge 2019: Dodge Journey’s Innovative Features

One of the most awaited new modifications in the Dodge 2019 is the unique trim alignment. Also, as opposed to 2018, when the Dodge Journey came in four different trims, the 2019 model will be available in GT, SE, and Crossroad variants.

Among the latest Dodge 2019 safety features, the most notable ones are:

  • LED taillights

  • Heated mirrors

  • 3-zone temperature control

  • Performance rear fascia

  • Fog lamps

In addition to the standard 4-cylinder engine, the new Dodge Journey will also be available with a V-6 engine.  

The interior of the Dodge Journey has also been upgraded to include a Uconnect infotainment system with an 8.4-inch-wide touch screen, a keyless Enter-and-Go option with push-button, a heated steering wheel,   navigation, and as many as 40 highly-advanced safety features.

Dodge Charger

The Charger has the distinction of being the only four-door muscle car in the country. Dodge Charger will soon have six new attitude-packed models that promise a range of powertrain options and performance for every muscle-car lover.

The new Charger line-up for 2019 will include the SRT Hellcat, which features a unique, new grille that has dual inlets to feed the cool air from outside into the engine compartment.

The 2019 Charger R/T embraces new performance, features, and looks. The features (all standard) include a performance hood, sculpted side sills, fascia, spoiler, and seats.  

The roomy and powerful Charger SXT features remote start, cruise control, electronic stability control, automatic halogen projection LED headlamps, electric power steering, 12-V power outlets (three), and a capless fuel filler.

Dodge Challenger

The 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat comes with heritage-inspired sleek design and drives as menacing as it looks. One of the stand-out features of this vehicle is that it lets you pick your power.

You can use the red key fob to test the maximum potential of 717HP or get hold of the black key fob to experience sterling performance for daily driving with a horsepower of up to 500.

Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge 2019 Grand Caravan features traction control monitors (all-speed) for wheel slip. In case wheelspin takes place, it will apply brake pressure on the slipping wheel, and could reduce the power of the engine to ensure vehicle traction and stability.

The ESC (electronic stability control) feature combines all-speed traction control and ABS. The ESC will monitor vehicle motion and steering input, and apply brakes when required, and adjust the engine throttle in order to retain directional control.

If you’d like to find out more about new Dodge models for 2019, you should get ready to book a test drive when it arrives at your favorite dealership, and experience all the new features first-hand.

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