Motoring Trends 2019: Why Jeep Wranglers Are Always in Style


In the U.S. motoring community, it is said that there are two kinds of people – those who are Jeep Wrangler fanatics, and those who don’t get what this entire Jeep buzz is about.

The classic slogan of the Wrangler “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” has become much more than a slogan for the Jeep lovers in the country. Wrangler is a lifestyle. More than 190,000 units of Jeep Wrangler were sold in 2017 alone, and the numbers continue to rise as we speak. Those tax cuts certainly helped but that is another topic.  

The uniquely rugged exterior and the sturdiness of the large front bumper are just some of the things, which will never Jeeps go out of style (not to mention the incredible high ground clearance the Jeep offers).

Why Are Jeep Wranglers So Popular?

There are many more reasons as to why Jeeps are popular among Americans. Let’s see what makes them so special and so much in vogue.

An Unparalleled Off-Road Beast

If you can think of any other vehicle that can drive better than a Jeep on absolutely any kind of surface – including snow, mud, rock, and sand – let us know.

The Jeep’s amazing capability to let you drive on just about any kind of terrain is why this road machine is admired so much. The 4-wheel drive, the sturdy exterior, and the high clearance features of the Jeep make it easy to handle in any type of harsh environment with ease. You can even turn the Wrangler into an open-air ride when you want.

Jeep’s Iconic Design

The Jeep Wrangler is often described as the most classic and iconic vehicle on the road. The current model has retained its initial military-style design which has been going on for 75 years!

The seven-slot grille flanked by round highlights, the convertible top, the fold-down windshield, the big flat fenders and hood, and the rear-mounted spare tire; everything screams “timeless” about the Wrangler design.

Back to its American Roots

One of the reasons why the Wrangler holds a strong appeal to the Americans is that it is manufactured right here in the country. This American-made Jeep is thought to be one of the many successors of the Willys MB which was a U.S. military vehicle used in World War II.

With such a solid connection to American history, it’s no wonder people are so fond of the Wrangler.

Jeeps Offer Something for Everyone

Wrangler offers a boatload of upgrades you can choose from. For example, do you prefer a soft-top roof or a hard-top? Or, do you want to choose between full-framed metal doors and removable half-metal ones?

There are also numerous performance-based upgrades you can choose from, such as a variety of winches, rock rails, differential guards, and bumpers. With a Jeep Wrangler, you get a vehicle that is highly customizable.

It may be puzzling to some why the Jeep is always in style. But considering the on-and off-road capabilities, brand heritage, and the authenticity of the Wrangler, it’s not really hard to understand why Wrangler fandom is here to stay.

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