New or Used Car: Which Is Best For Your Budget?


Thousands of Americans struggle with this decision every day – should I buy a new or a used car?

Everyone has a different opinion based on their own lifestyle and personal situation. And while both options have their pros and cons, it all depends on what you want. What is your budget? What exactly do you expect to get from a vehicle?

The only way to make the best choice for yourself is by weighing your desires against your budget to determine which option – new or used car – will best accommodate your requirements.

Why You Should Buy a Used Car

The biggest advantage of buying a used car is obviously their lower price. If you have a limited budget, a used car could be a good choice for you. However, there are a few other benefits of buying a used car.

For starters, the insurance rate on a used car is significantly cheaper than on a new one.  And thanks to depreciation, the price of a used car is substantially lower than that of a brand new one.

For example, for the price of a brand-new car, you could easily buy a quality, used Chrysler.

Are Used Cars Reliable?

If you think that a used car won’t be as reliable as a new car, think again. The reliability of a used car depends on a couple of factors: 

  • How well the last car owner took care of the vehicle
  • The mileage of the vehicle

You should carefully note that if you choose to buy a used car, then all the post-purchase repairs will be your responsibility only because the manufacturer warranty will be no longer valid. That’s why you should ideally buy a used car from a reputable dealer like Schmit Bros.  

Why You Should Buy a New Car

If this was a perfect world, everyone would be driving a new car. There are numerous advantages to buying a brand new vehicle, namely, the latest modifications, advanced design, and cutting-edge comfort and safety features.

Car manufacturers are constantly trying to improve fuel efficiency and auto safety, which means even a one or two-year-old used car is not likely to have the same features as a new car. Even within the same model, a car may now deliver, for example, 15 more miles per gallon than it did three years ago.

When you are deliberating new vs. used car options, one of the biggest advantages of buying a new car is the peace of mind that comes with it. You know that your new vehicle won’t have any wear and tear, and you would be able to rely on it even in bad road conditions or unpredictable weather.

Your new car will also come with a manufacturer warranty, which covers at least 36,000 miles or the first three years.

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